The Institute for Effective Education:

Working to establish what works in learning and teaching

All children should have the opportunity to succeed in school. Unfortunately many fail to reach their potential, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. Our aim is to improve educational outcomes for as many children as possible, in the UK and beyond.

The IEE aims to make a real difference through high quality research into effective programmes and practices, and sharing these findings as widely as possible. We work closely with those on the frontline of education, including teachers and policy makers, building support for evidence-based education and providing practical tools to effect change.


UK research
We conduct rigorous evaluations of education programmes and practices. Much of our research is focused on literacy, numeracy, and science. We research early childhood education, parenting, widening participation, and the effective use of technology.

International research
Our international research investigates teaching and learning practices and how to improve them. We have a particular focus on education in areas of conflict and collaborate with the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU) in our work on Education in Conflict and Emergencies.

Postgraduate study with the IEE
The IEE supports the next generation of education researchers and has places available for postgraduate students who wish to study for research degrees in education. We specialise in applied research, in particular randomised controlled trials (RCTs), systematic reviews, and research into translating knowledge into practice.


Our publications include Best Evidence in Brief (a free fortnightly e-newsletter of education research news), Better: Evidence-based Education (our themed magazine exploring effective practice) and Evidence4Impact (our easy-to-use database of education programmes).

We publish books including the Proven Programs in Education series and A Book For Governors: Understanding schools, and Governing Effectively.


At the IEE we aim to bring evidence-based education to the attention of those who need to know. We work with our partners to share knowledge and build support for evidence-based education in policy and practice.

The IEE led the development of the Coalition for Evidence-based Education (CEBE) alliance of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

We have close links with the Department of Education and the National Science Learning Centre (NSLC), both based on the University of York campus.

Working with schools

The IEE works directly with schools to help them make use of research to tackle the problems they face - trying to make education research more accessible, directing them to solutions that have been proven to work, and connecting them with colleagues who have faced the same issues.

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Latest news

Green impact award

Posted on Wednesday 1 July 2015

The IEE has received a Gold Award and Special Award for their “green” efforts in 2014/15

New research published: Thinking, Doing, Talking Science

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2015

IEE staff have shared findings on a new approach for teaching primary science

New article: Implementing school-based teacher development in Tanzania

Posted on Tuesday 23 June 2015

Professor Frank Hardman has co-written a new article in the journal 'Professional Development in Education'

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Research Methods Summer School

‘Evidence’ – What is it, how is it produced, and what use is it?


IEE Conference 2016

The 2016 IEE Conference will take place on 16 and 17 March in York.

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