YESI Appoints New Research Theme Co-Leads

News | Posted on Wednesday 21 April 2021

We are delighted to announce the appointment of new co-leads for our Resilient Ecosystems and Health and Environment Themes.

Dr Julia Touza (Environment & Geography) and Dr Colin Beale (Biology) have been appointed as co-leads of our Resilient Ecosystem Research Theme and Prof Piran White (Environment and Geography) and Dr Pete Coventry (Health Sciences) have been appointed as co-leads of our new Health and Environment Research Theme.
Dr Pete Coventry said that he was
"I'm looking forward to working with Piran to promote research about how we can sustainably maximise the health and wellbeing benefits of natural environments. This is a truly exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary research to address the threats from climate change in ways that can positively impact health"
YESI Director Prof Matt Thomas said:
"I'm very excited to be back to our full complement of Theme Leads and also excited to be able to announce our new theme on Environment and Health that builds on the foundation of the Urban Living Theme and takes it in a new direction. I'm also pleased we now have co-leads for each of the themes as this enables us to strengthen YESI with a diverse set of researchers with complementary skills and interests. I think this puts YESI on a great footing and very much look forward to working with such an excellent team"

We look forward to the fresh ideas and thinking that the new Research Themes co-leads will bring to YESI and the environmental challenges the world faces.