UK-Australian Free Trade Agreement article in The Conversation

News | Posted on Monday 21 June 2021

A new article, published in The Conversation, on the UK–Australia free trade deal says it's not really about economic gain – it’s about politics

UK-Australian Free Trade Agreement
UK-Australian Free Trade Agreement

The article written by  YESI's Sustainable Food Co-Lead Professor Tony Heron and Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge, Associate Professor in Public Policy, University of Warwick looks at the new agreed "'in principal" UK-Australian free trade deal.

The article argues that the Brexit campaign was won on the basis of regaining control and being able to forge our own independent trade policy, separate from the beaurocrats in Brussels.  In the current climate the ability to make a trade deal is much more important for Boris Johnson's Conservative government than the economic outcomes any such deals achieve.

How long this remains the case, as we move onto bigger, more complicated deals with countries, such as the US, remains to be seen.

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