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YUSU Excellence Awards 2021

Posted on 24 June 2021

The YUSU Excellence Awards 2021 results are in. This year TFTI had two lecturers receiving Highly Commended, three shortlisted, and 15 staff members and lecturers nominated for the awards.

A huge Congratulations to our lecturers Paul Ryan and Dr Louise LePage for coming in Highly Commended at this year's YUSU Excellence Awards. Paul Ryan has been Highly Commended for Outstanding Zoom Creativity, and Louise LePage for Teacher of the Year. Sanjit Samaddar was shortlisted for the Teacher of the Year Award.

 The YUSU Excellence Awards gives students the opportunity to show their appreciation to staff across the University, and thank them for their hard work. It is a student-led celebration and one which allows students to recognise those who have  had a particularly positive impact on them over the past academic year, whether they are academic or non-academic staff members.

 The complete list of our nominations for the YUSU Excellence Awards is:

 Most Inspiring - Dr Nick Jones; Dr Guy Schofield; Lorianne Hall; Paul Ryan; Dr Louise LePage

Outstanding Zoom Creativity - Paul Ryan; Dr Edward Braman

PhD Supervisor of the Year - Dr Mariana Lopez

Promoting Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion - Claudia Nader Jaime

Supervisor of the Year - Sanjit Samaddar; Professor Kristyn Gorton; Dr Jenna Ng; Dr Mariana Lopez

Supporting Student Voice Activities & Partnership - Paul Ryan

Teacher of the Year - Sanjit Samaddar; Paul Ryan; Professor David Barnett; Dr Edward Braman; Dr Emma Pett; Dr Louise LePage; Dr Debbie Maxwell

Unsung Hero - Steve Foster

 We would like to say well done to our staff on these nominations. Thank you to our students for showing their appreciation for their lecturers, colleagues and teachers in these challenging times and recognising the work they have put in. It is truly an honour for us to see how much you value our staff’s work.