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Want to develop your academic and communication skills?

Posted on 17 October 2020

We all want to improve our skills, right? The Academic Skills Community is a new way to develop your academic skills to do better in assessments and be better communicators.

Academic Skills Community

The new Academic Skills Community is here to help you improve your skills. There are online resources available any time, anywhere, plus online and face-to-face workshops and community groups that are ready to help you work towards development goals and enable you to become a stronger student. You can even book one-to-one appointments for personalised study coaching and writing and maths skills support.

This week’s highlight

The first of our communication workshop series to help you meet and integrate into new groups of people from different backgrounds both face to face and online. In today’s diverse world you need to be able to mix with people who are different from you, who speak different languages and have different experiences. Here’s your chance to learn how (see dates below).

Our online resources include extensive Skills guides that feature videos, interactive tutorials and workbooks and are designed to support six key topics of development: Academic critical writing; Academic critical reading; Data analysis; Digital skills; Communication and collaboration; and Self-development and reflection.

What’s on this week?

You can do this! Setting goals and building confidence, Monday 19 October 2020
Reading and understanding psychometric tests, Tuesday 20 October 2020
Communicating in a diverse world, Wednesday 21 & Friday 23 October 2020
Advanced features and digital problem solving, Wednesday 21 October 2020
Let's get critical II: Finding the right reading, Thursday 22 October 2020

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