Gain international experience on campus

Posted on 10 January 2020

Paid and volunteer positions are available or attend seminars and meet-ups.

Paid mentors

A mentor is a paid part-time role where you are required to provide social and classroom support to our short course students. Providing social support would be your main role and this may include helping students to book trips to other cities in the UK, providing advice on living in York, organising social events, assisting students to integrate into the general UoY student body, among others. You may also be asked to assist students to prepare and rehearse for their final presentations.

Forthcoming application deadlines: 10/15/22 January 2020

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Volunteer buddies

The role of a buddy is to help our visiting students integrate into university life and life in York. You need to be available to meet your buddy at least once a week as a minimum requirement.

Working as a successful student buddy will strengthen your application for International Study Centres or other Study Abroad opportunities.

Application deadline: Friday 20 March 2020

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Creativity seminars

In weeks 8 to 10, the Centre for Global Programmes are offering a limited number of places to York students on a mixed nationality Creativity programme. The other participants on the programme are visiting undergraduates of Tohoku University, Japan.

Six sessions over three weeks will be devoted to problem-solving exercises, thought experiments, and interactive lectures.

By attending, you can collect credit toward the York Award.

Application deadline: Friday 14 Febrary 2020

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Japanese meet-up: studying and living abroad 

Join a group of our short course Japanese students on Wednesday 12 February to discuss the challenges and benefits of living and working or studying abroad. All York students welcome but especially those who have lived abroad for either work or study. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided. 

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