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York Residents' Festival, Natalie Bennett, and documenting war crimes

Posted on 26 January 2018

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York Residents' Festival 2018
Saturday 27 January
An opportunity to find out more about King's Manor in the centre of York, and about the history of York, with some tours and talks

Confronting the plunder of the commons
Wednesday 31 January
An aspect of the ongoing Global Transformation has been the systematic plunder of the commons, facilitated by globalisation and the neo-liberal economic paradigm guiding governments and international agencies

Postcolonial migration meets European integration: Britain in comparative perspective
Thursday 1 February
Elizabeth Buettner talks about postcolonial migration

Measuring ability in generic skills - should we and can we?
Thursday 1 February
In relation to generic skills, Higher Education faces two fundamental questions: Should we be measuring the ability of students?; and secondly if we should, can we?

Humanising animals for medical research - the ethical debates
Thursday 1 February
Professor Tom Baldwin talks about scientific research

From Cruel Britannia to Caring Britain: The Coming Green Transformation
Thursday 1 February
Natalie Bennett, the former leader of the Green Party, tracks the influence of environmental concerns in British society and points out its growing importance in present and future UK politics

Ten things about the war in Ukraine you probably didn’t know
Friday 2 February
A documenter of war crimes in Eastern Ukraine and annexed Crimea will be talking about the war which is ongoing at the centre of Europe

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