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Human rights in Egypt, the real 'nasty party', and how novels begin

Posted on 10 November 2017

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Calais Children: A Case to Answer - film screening
Tuesday 14 November
As the Calais jungle was set to be razed in October 2016, there were over 1900 unaccompanied minors stranded there - many of whom might have a legal case to enter the UK. Would the UK accept them? And if not, what would be their fate?

The future of environmental policy in uncertain times
Tuesday 14 November
Are you concerned about the future of environmental policy during these uncertain times? Then this is the talk for you!

Consolations for a post-truth world
Tuesday 14 November
How did we find ourselves in a "post-truth" world of "alternative facts"? And can we get out of it?

William the Conqueror and the Harrying of the North 1069-70: Contexts and perspectives

Tuesday 14 November
This lecture will reflect on the broader context of the infamous Harrying of the North including both the period prior to and after the Norman Conquest in 1066, and what a biographer can know about William the Conquerer,’ and the place of violence against non-combatants in medieval Europe

Thinking sociologically about kindness: Puncturing the blasé in the ordinary city
Wednesday 15 November
Is kindness sociologically relevant?

Ignorance and Disease
Wednesday 15 November
Part of the Beveridge's Five Giants lecture series

How novels begin: Some nineteenth-century test cases
Wednesday 15 November
Poe thought that the entire meaning of a short story was captured in its first sentence: is this the same for novels?

From a revolution to a military coup: The human rights situation in Egypt today
Thursday 16 November
In his talk Mohamed will discuss the current human rights situation in Egypt, the risks civil society actors are facing, future challenges, and how HRDs and NGOs are dealing with these challenges.

Nano-spintronic devices
Thursday 16 November
Professor Hirohata discusses the research field of spintronics

Reconstructing the Medieval Islamic rock crystal 'industry'

Thursday 16 November
Professor Jeremy Johns (Oxford) joins the York Islamic Art Circle

Emotions, self-regulation and mental well-being
Thursday 16 November
Dr Dorothea Debus discusses emotions

This House Believes Corbyn's Labour is the Real "Nasty Party"
Friday 17 November
The York Union is proud to welcome historian Giles Udy and Chris Williamson MP to debate the motion ‘This House Believes Corbyn’s Labour is the Real “Nasty Party”’.

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