When you arrive, you will need to register your attendance with the University. 

Things to do when you arrive

All new Tier 4 students must register at a Tier 4 student registration clinic as soon as you arrive:

Tier 4 student registrations

Within 10 days of arriving in the UK, you must collect your BRP from the Post Office in WHSmith on Coney Street in York city centre. Your visa letter will tell you from which date you can collect your BRP. 

You'll need your passport and visa letter, as well as details of your accommodation address in York. You will get help with this as part of the welcome events in your first week.

You must report any problems in collecting your BRP.

It will say on the travel documents you received with your visa if you have to register with the police. You have to do this within the first seven days of your arrival in the UK.

See police registration in our support for international students pages for more information.

What next?

  • Make a photocopy of the personal details page of your passport and the page with your visa/entry stamp on it. Keep these copies in a safe place and remember to make a new copy if you renew your visa.
  • Make a note of when your visa expires so that if you need to renew it, for instance if you extend your course, you can do this in good time. You should begin renewing your visa at least eight weeks before the expiry date. See renewing your visa for more information.
  • As a Tier 4 visa holder it is important that you are aware of your legal responsibilities.
  • See our Living in York section for further helpful advice on arrival in York. 

See Tier 4 student information

Collect your Uni Card

Your University Card is your ID, printing, library and room access card. If you're living off-campus and haven't chosen a college you can pick this up from the Information Centre. If you're living on campus or have chosen a college to join, you can pick it up from your college reception. HYMS and Health Science students will receive their card from their department.

Open a UK bank account

There are a number of different banks and building societies in the UK offering banking facilities to international students.

Find out more about opening a UK bank account

Register with a doctor

See healthcare for international students to check what you're entitled to in the UK.

Find out how to register with a doctor in York on our general healthcare pages.

TB screening sessions

If you're from a country that has a high rate of tuberculosis (TB), we advise you to attend the screening sessions for TB - even if you feel well and have had a chest x-ray as part of screening before entering the UK. 

The screenings are straightforward and you will not be expected to remove your clothes. The times and locations of the screenings can be found on the Welcome Week Programmes - see information for new undergraduates or new postgraduates.  

Food and drink

Visit one of our catering outlets on campus. To find your nearest outlet, see campus food and bars.

You can also find out about supermarkets and food on our current student pages.

Get online on campus

There will be instructions on how to get online in your study bedroom or see IT information for new users for details on how to connect to the network if you are living off campus.

If you have any problems, IT services will also be running helpdesk sessions to help you sort things out.

Visit your college stall

Some colleges have a stall where you can buy college t-shirts and other merchandise. There’s no pressure to buy but it could help you to feel part of your college from day one.


Photography will take place during arrivals days, which may be used for marketing purposes by the University of York. If you have any concerns or would prefer not to feature, please email marketing-support@york.ac.uk. For further information about how we use photography or video which includes you please see our privacy notice.