Student Support Fund: postgraduate researchers

The Student Support Fund is available to all postgraduate researchers who meet the eligibility criteria. It is intended to provide discretionary financial help in situations of unexpected short-term financial issues, which causes them difficulty in meeting their essential living costs.

If you are currently facing financial difficulties because your funding has been delayed, an emergency loan may be the best option for you.

Eligibility criteria

You're eligible to apply if you:

  • are currently fully registered or within the continuation period on a degree-awarding research programme at the University of York
  • are normally resident within the UK for the duration of your studies
  • have shown you have made reasonable provision for your tuition fees and living costs throughout your course before you started your studies. This may be in the form of a budgeting plan for the year with your expected means of income shown as evidence. Failing to make reasonable adjustments to your lifestyle is not considered unexpected or unforeseen.

Unfortunately applications related to the following cannot be considered

  • for tuition fees and tuition fee debt
  • requests to compensate loss of income within the family/household
  • requests to compensate funds lost via fraud
  • holiday-related costs, including costs incurred as a result of cancelled travel
  • differences in exchange rates between the student's home currency and the GBP
  • where there is an economic crisis in the student's home country
  • where the student has not secured sufficient financial provision for the full academic year
  • routine or unnecessary medical costs, including costs associated with dental and cosmetic procedures
  • visa-related costs
  • costs related to distance learning
  • part time students studying less than 25 per cent of a full time course.

How to apply

Read the Student Support Fund guidance carefully before you begin your application.

As part of your application, you will need to provide evidence as attachments to some of the questions on the application form. Before starting your application, please ensure you have read the 'What supporting evidence do I need to provide' section, which can be found on the Student Support Fund web page.

Please prepare your evidence in advance before submitting an application, as incomplete applications cannot be forwarded for assessment, and therefore may cause a delay in you receiving an outcome.

Once you submit your application, the Student Financial Support team will create a folder in a secure area and upload some of your application and supporting documentation. The application will be passed to the assessors once all supporting evidence has been received.

To access the application form, please follow the link below which will take you into your e:Vision account; your progress will be saved for up to 30 days. If you do not submit the application within the 30 days, you will need to start a new application.

Apply to the Student Support Fund via e:Vision

The Student Support Fund is open for postgraduate researchers all year round as their start date might not match the standard academic year. However, students are not eligible to apply within the first month of their studies.

Contact us

Student Financial Support - Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
+44 (0)1904 324043

Contact us

Student Financial Support - Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
+44 (0)1904 324043