Finding images

Image library

The Marketing team maintains an image library containing a wide range of photographs suitable for marketing material.

All staff can access the full library. Other users can access a small sub-set of images.

We have put together a handy user guide for reference and advise new users to read this prior to accessing the library.

Login to the image library

For image library queries please email We also welcome feedback via the online feedback form.

Creative Commons

There are many high-quality images available under Creative Commons licensing. These are typically free for non-commercial purposes. Not all Creative Commons licences are the same, so please pay careful attention to the conditions of any image's licence before use.

Copyrighted images

Images you find on the internet are likely to be in copyright, even if free-to-view and uncredited.


Throughout the year, Editorial and Creative team organise for our in-house photographers to carry out photoshoots in order to update content in the image library. Subjects for photoshoots range from students in tutorials to scientists in research laboratories and new buildings on campus. 

If you wish to organise a photoshoot for marketing purposes, we can provide advice and recommend suitable photographers. Please contact

For University event photography or formal staff portraits please contact the University's Photographer, Paul Shields.

Stock photography

If your budget allows it, images can be purchased from stock photography websites. Images from stock photography site are usually sold as either royalty-free or rights-managed:

  • royalty-free images are bought for a one-off fee, after which you can use the image for multiple purposes.
  • rights-managed images are priced depending on where the image will be used, and how many times it will be reproduced. If you had purchased an image to use on your website, you would have to pay again if you decided you also wanted to use it in a newsletter.

University archives

Photographs documenting the history of the University, from our foundation right up to the present day, are available from the Library.

Formatting images

You can find advice on formatting images for the web on our digital content wiki.