International students

People travel from all over the world to live and study in York, and the Department of Music is home to students of many nationalities. Applications are welcome from all parts of the world, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate study.

English language requirements

To apply for study in the Department of Music, international students whose first language is not English must provide evidence of a suitable level of ability in English as a foreign language. For further details on the requiremts, please look at the University's English language requirements for undergraduate study.

Additional information

Further information about living and studying at York as an international student can be found at the York University International Office.

BA student Vic Bernath

I came specifically to York due to the degree format. No other college offers such an equal weighting between performance and musicology at the undergraduate university level. However, I also chose Britain for my university education because England is considered to be one of the foremost locations for an exceptional musical education.

Vic Bernath
(BA and PhD student)