Performing with Greater Ease - in Music, Work and Life

Friday 18 January 2019, 2.00PM to 3.30pm

Speaker(s): Julie Parker

Most musicians take enormous care of their instruments. They understand their value and that without them they are unable to perform. Surprisingly, many of them take less care of the only instrument that is truly irreplaceable – themselves: body, mind and emotions.

In this workshop, we will be exploring the following concepts:

  1. The importance of accurate body mapping (structural anatomy)
  2. The interrelationship of breath and tension,
  3. How our thoughts and emotions impact on our bodily tension and musical performance,
  4. How to increase our awareness of previously unconscious habits to inform and enhance performance, and
  5. Strategies for managing thought and emotion in relation to daily practise and performance anxiety.


Location: E/106 Lecture Room/Rehearsal Room, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, Campus West