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Corruption can be defined in many ways and is open to cultural interpretation.  It can be seen as an endemic, costly phenomenon that global organisations such as the United Nations and OECD are keen to address.  Previous work has researched perceptions of corruption through quantitative indices or conducted post-mortem analysis of popular cases.  Economics, Politics, History and Law have researched the topic from their discipline’s perspective, but there is a dearth of work from Management and Organisation Studies researchers.  This perspective would improve our understanding of corruption in the working environment and how corrupt practices become institutionalised.

We aim to study the day-to-day practices of corruption in both public and private sector organisations.  We use a range of methods to obtain a greater understanding of the phenomenon in working environments.  For example, exploring how individuals learn corrupt practices and how seemingly legitimate interactions such as procurement or recruitment and selection become corrupt and normalised over time.  Our objective is to create in depth research which will generate high quality outputs for publication and create genuine impact across the globe.


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