Research to inform policy in business and government.

Management Perspectives from the School for Business and Society are rigorous, independent, topical and research informed views on issues that we are facing in society. They are written to present quick-to-read but robust analysis of issues that can support strategic decision-makers in local and national government, business, the public sector and third sector organisations.

We write on issues that we see are important, providing research-informed positions which draw on the expertise of our academics. We consult with the local community and wider policy bodies to ensure the briefs we commission are relevant and timely. The academics who write these articles are at the forefront of research in relevant areas. They build on the principles that universities constantly strive to uphold and enhance; namely independent, data-informed, considered views which are non-political, but often challenge the established norms.

We welcome comment on our briefs. As business and society evolve, we need to challenge assumptions about what is best for the future, what we should prioritise and where compromises should be made. Without debate we risk missing the best paths forward.

Our most recent policy briefs are below. We welcome suggestions of future subject areas.

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Latest briefs

Food insecurity in lockdown

Policy goals should be to build resilience within local communities to mitigate future emergencies.

Low Carbon Infrastructure

Analysing economic and environmental factors to determine how the different sectors could be aligned towards the NYCC’s strategy of becoming carbon neutral by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040

AI & Autonomous Systems in Society

As a tool, artificial intelligence is already amplifying human decision making and allowing us to extend our cognitive capabilities. But where will this take us in the future?

About the School

As a school strongly committed to delivering social and economic value, we are keen to support organisations on their challenges and opportunities.

With expertise in a wide range of disciplines and areas, our staff strive to use their objective, critical and creative abilities to have an impact in society.

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