The arts and humanities are able to disrupt conventional thinking in ways that awaken and challenge the moral imagination of professionals.

The arts and humanities are cultural activities, and we extend this concern with cultural processes to the level of organizations. Our projects explore the role of participatory art in labour organising; the use of a variety of visual methods to access sensitive data; photo elicitation, photo mosaic and film as methodological tools; and photography as a research output. We have produced a number of award-winning research films.

We lead the way in using non-traditional methods. Researchers have employed exhibitions and performances as methods of both gathering data and sharing knowledge in liaison with art galleries, museums, exhibitions and performance spaces. We have devised innovative approaches to using historical archives. Collaborators include L’Etrangère in London; the National Railway Museum in York; the National Football Museum in Manchester and Wembley Stadium; the National Coal Mining Museum for England; and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Research highlights

Black Snow

Stephen Linstead
Our AHRC award-winning film Black Snow tells the story of England's worst mining disaster.

FIFA World Cup 1966

Kevin Tennent and Alex Gillett
We're undertaking a pioneering management history of the 1966 FIFA World Cup and its impact on local and national economic development.

My Home is not My Home

Joyce Jiang
This exhibition emerged as a response to the invisibility and marginality of migrant domestic workers due to their class, gender and ethnicity.