The Centre for Evolution of Global Business and Institutions (CEGBI) aims to carry out groundbreaking research which will foster a better understanding of how business and institutions succeed in a global economy. 


Established in January 2009, CEGBI is a research centre in the School for Business and Society at the University of York. The centre aims to carry out groundbreaking research which will foster a better understanding of how business and institutions succeed in a global economy.  By developing a better understanding of the relationship between past and the present, the aim is to draw lessons that help business and policy makers in more informed decision making and address grand challenges. It draws on an eclectic approach, both in terms of research topics and methodologies used. A distinctive characteristic of the members of the centre is their emphasis on international business, business and economic history, global marketing, ethics and social enterprise.


CEGBI Seminar

‘Competitive strategy and performance of large global fast fashion companies, 1990-2023’

25th June 2024, 12:00-13:00, Church Lane Building Boardroom (CL/A/103) - Zoom Link

Since the end of the 20th century, large global companies have developed in the clothing and accessories retail sector. Our paper analyses the evolution of the four companies that currently lead this market (the Spanish Inditex, the Swedish H&M, the Japanese Fast Retailing and the American Gap) in order to explain their different results.  All four companies are considered fast fashion companies, one of the most successful business models in the fashion market in recent decades.  Our hypothesis is that the companies' sales and profit results have been strongly influenced by the degree to which they have implemented the strategies characteristic of fast fashion. To test this, we first compare the trajectory followed by each of the companies, then define the main competitive strategies of fast fashion, examine the extent to which the companies have followed these strategies since the 1990s and finally analyse the effect of these strategies on the performance of each of the companies. For this study we have relied mainly on the wealth of qualitative and quantitative information provided by the companies' annual financial reports.

Presented by José Antonio Miranda and Alba Roldan                                                                                            


CEGBI Summer Conference 2024

‘Tackling Grand Challenges: Informing progress and shaping change in business and society’

9th September 2024, Church Lane Building

Call for Abstracts

The Centre for Evolution of Global Business and Institutions (CEGBI) as part of the School for Business and Society (SBS), University of York, invites you to participate in the 2024 Summer Conference, taking place Monday 9th September 2024.

The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for research and teaching across the school and beyond, to promote dialogue, discuss work in progress with an interdisciplinary audience, and to support research and teaching collaboration on topics associated with tackling ‘Grand Challenges’ in business and society. 

Keynote Speaker: Anna Coote, Principal Fellow, New Economics Foundation

While papers and panels focused directly on the theme are most welcome, any other research topics that are ongoing by colleagues in the school are also welcome. All members of staff in the School for Business and Society (SBS) are invited to participate, as well as all PhD students, and associate members, both internal and external to the university. Contributions are also welcome from researchers from other departments at the University of York with broad interests related to the interdisciplinary theme of the conference.

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Abstract submissions up to 200 words can be uploaded on the following website platform by 17:00 hours, Monday, 10/06/2024.

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