We place significant emphasis on the application of our research to influence policy, business, public sector, charities and the community generally.

Our staff engage with individuals to major organisations, including HM Treasury, the Office for National Statistics, the European Commission and North Yorkshire Police. From public health to food resilience, our research is informing leaders and consumers, and transforming policy and practice.

Our engagement and impact

Effective hospital management

Ian Kirkpatrick

Our research into management structures in the NHS reveals how costs can be reduced and patient outcomes improved with more managers working closely with clinicians.

Social enterprise

Bob Doherty

Co-production of research with social enterprises to challenge injustice and inequality has resulted in major impacts through Cafédirect, Co-op Food and Oxfam.

Art to tackle domestic slavery

Joyce Jiang

Innovative research with domestic workers has helped the UK's most vulnerable workers develop a voice and support networks.

Social discount rates

Mark Freeman

It's hard to know which future risks we should focus our efforts on today. By surveying different expert views, we've identified mathematical models many can agree on.

The gender pay gap

Karen Mumford

Our research conducted with the Low Pay Commission has made a new contribution to the understanding of wage inequality in the UK.

Sustainability in the workplace

Victoria Wells

We spend over a quarter of our waking hours at work, and our workplaces are very resource-intensive. How can businesses incentivise employees to change their behaviour to save on costs and carbon?

Organisational histories

Stephen Linstead

Our research produced an award-winning film that raised awareness of an near-forgotten national tragedy, helping to create a local memorial and the National Workplace Day of Remembrance.

Inclusive practice

Anna Einarsdóttir

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) individuals form an important part of diverse British workplaces. By better understanding staff networks, we can help to create more inclusive environments.

Putting a price on 'priceless'

Philip Linsley and Robert McMurray

An evaluation of the benefits of National Parks showed a seven-fold return on investment, seen in value added to people's social networks, skills, health and wellbeing.

Reducing financial risk

Peter Smith

Fluctuations in the market can have a huge impact on the value of pension pots. Our researchers have developed strategies to reduce the risk, and improve return on investment.

  • Case study: Investment strategies for pensioners

Managing change

Jane Suter and Tina Kowalski

We worked with a large NHS trust to study the impact of changing staff shift patterns. Our recommendations for implementation helped the organisation and its staff to benefit from the change.

Social media strategy

Deborah Roberts

How can businesses use social media to inform innovation? We looked into how small and medium companies can use different platforms to build engaged communities.

Our wider engagement and impact

We develop the impact of our research through knowledge transfer and co-production.

Knowledge transfer takes research outputs developed in the academy, disseminates them and engages users to influence practice. One example is our work on social returns on investment with the North York Moors National Park.

Co-production involves partnerships with users from the outset, working together to undertake research and apply it to instigate change. One example is our participative art project with victims of modern-day domestic slavery in London.