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Professor Philip Linsley
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After graduating in Philosophy Philip qualified as a chartered accountant, subsequently working as a financial controller in industry and as a director of a UK based professional accountancy training company. Philip has significant experience as an academic lecturer, researcher and in respect of the administrative roles he has undertaken. He is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and teaches in the areas related to finance, accounting and risk. His research is focused upon examining different facets of risk.



Philip’s main research focus is on risk and he has two main areas of interest. First, he is interested in the issue of risk reporting and how firms might usefully provide risk information to investors and other stakeholders. Second, he is also interested in broader issues of risk, risk management and culture. In this latter area of research he has been drawing on neo-Durkheimian cultural theory (as developed by Dame Mary Douglas) to understand diverse topics. For example, he has used this approach to analyse the changing role of psychiatrists, the Enron debacle, the recent financial crisis and risk management in banking.

Philip is a founding member of the European Risk Research Network (ERRN). The purpose of the ERRN is to develop EU-wide research in risk management through the creation of a pan-European research network.

Philip has written research reports for different organisations. Recent reports include a Social Return on Investment (SROI) report estimating the health and wellbeing impact of the North York Moors National Park (2018) and being a contributing author to the Institute of Risk Management’s ‘Risk culture’ Thought Leadership report (2012). 



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Linsley, P. M. and McMurray, R. (2018) 'North York Moors National Park: measuring health and wellbeing impact'. 

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