Behold! The winning film from the Library Halloween Horror competition is here...

News | Posted on Tuesday 31 October 2023

We unearthed some silent footage from a 1969 library welcome video, and asked students and staff to remix it into a Halloween film trailer. The winning entry was by Erin McLeod, a Film Studies student from the School of ACT, and it is uploaded below in all its glory.

library halloween horror winner
Scroll down for the embedded YouTube video

Erin took around 13 minutes' worth of digitised 8mm rolls of film and turned into the trailer below. It has everything: charm, narrative, great music... All four judges absolutely loved it, especially the use of the maps and the general friendliness of the ghost!

Watch the story of Morrell V Morrell:

Erin wins some Amazon vouchers and her film will be on our Instagram, TikTok and X pages as well as on YouTube. Huge congrats Erin!

If you're interested in the original footage and the more details of the competition in general, you'll find all that here:

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