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YLS online PBL self-assessment

Thank you for your application to York Law School.

As you may know, our problem-based learning (PBL) approach here is very different to other Law Schools. For that reason, it is really important that you understand how this works and that we do what we can to ensure that we are a good ‘fit’ for each other.

In the current circumstances we are unable to conduct our usual ‘in-person’ interviews before making offers. Instead, we are asking you to undertake that analysis. We always say that the interviews are just as much about ensuring that you understand what life as a York Law School student is like and decide whether you want to be part of what we do here, as it is about us deciding who we think is suited.

Our students are at the centre of the Law School, and we rely on their commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to take on responsibility for aspects of their own studies to maintain our unique learning environment.

Please have a look at the materials in the next section and consider the questions posed. Having done that, you should then move on to the ‘Self-Assessed Interview’ where you will be presented with some questions relating to our Law Programmes and asked to think about/record your responses. You will then see what the questions are trying to evaluate and what types of responses well-suited applicants might produce.

Finally, and most importantly, you will be asked to undertake a self-assessment and decide whether you wish to proceed with your application so that an offer can be made. Please take this exercise very seriously. If you do this, you may decide that York is not the right place for you. That is disappointing, of course, but we would much rather that you discover that now, rather than when having made significant commitments, or when you think it may be too late.

If you do think we are a good ‘fit’ for each other, that’s fantastic – please make sure that you follow the instructions in the final section to let us know.

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