Accessibility statement

Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes and Identity MOOC

If you successfully complete our Accents, Attitudes and Identity MOOC, we will consider you for an alternative offer up to one A-Level grade (or equivalent) below our typical offer.

How to access the MOOC

This University of York MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is freely available and delivered in partnership with FutureLearn. Topics include

  • attitudes to accents in the UK
  • how sociolinguists describe/classify accents, and measure people's attitudes towards them
  • the relationship between accent and identity
  • why accents matter in the real world

The course is particularly useful for sixth-form students looking to study English Language or Linguistics at university. It aims to help students successfully prepare for a university English Language and/or Linguistics degree and so can be used as an alternative to completing an EPQ and/or as supporting evidence in your UCAS personal statement.

The course is 4 weeks in length and is completely free of charge to anyone who registers for a FutureLearn account (also free).

How to demonstrate completion of the MOOC

To be considered for an alternative UCAS offer you will need to demonstrate successful completion of our MOOC as evidenced in the following two ways:

  1. We will review your FutureLearn profile. We will be looking for evidence of your engagement in the course through, for example, your having made regular contributions to discussions throughout the four weeks of the course.
  2. You will need to download and complete this L&LS MOOC initiative form (MS Word , 7kb) and then send it to Rachel O'Brien at before you submit your UCAS application. Our undergraduate admissions team will assess this document, looking for further evidence of your engagement with our MOOC course content.

Please note that you do not need to pay for upgrade access to the MOOC or obtain a certificate of completion from FutureLearn to demonstrate completion of the MOOC for the purposes of your UCAS application. You can demonstrate completion by completing this L&LS MOOC initiative form (MS Word , 7kb) and sending it to us, as described above.

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