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NVivo licence‌

By installing NVivo, or renewing your NVivo licence, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the user acknowledgement below.

Please read the user acknowledgement carefully before proceeding.

User Acknowledgement of Third Party Rights

I confirm that whenever I use any “Products” made available to me by my “Organisation”, I accept and will follow the conditions set out below. I understand that “Products” means software and/or online resources and that “Organisation” means the university, college or organisation that I am a member of, or that I am employed by or contracted to.

  1. I will adhere to any rules which are brought to my attention concerning the use of the Products. I understand that these rules may be put in place by my Organisation, or by the owner or licensor of the Products or by some other party who provides services relating to the use of the Products.
  2. I will only use the Products in connection with the role I have in my Organisation which may involve teaching, studying or research, administration or management.
  3. I will not use the Products for any private or commercial purpose including any direct or indirect monetary reward, profit, fee, or income generation; nor will I sell, resell, loan, transfer, lease, rent or hire the Products.
  4. I understand that I may incorporate extracts from the Products in my own work or articles so long as:
    • my work or article relates to non-commercial research, private study, review or criticism, and
    • I do not extract a greater proportion of the Product that is necessary and that the extract(s) will not be “substantial”, under copyright legislation “substantial” means in terms of quantity or quality, and
    • wherever possible I include a sufficient acknowledgement of the source of each extract
    • If I have any questions about material I may extract and reproduce, I will refer to my Organisation’s librarian or IT support before I go ahead.
  5. I will not attempt to by-pass any security measures put in place by any party concerning access to or use of the Products or the systems that support such access and use. I will keep passwords and any other log-on or account details safe and not disclose them to any other person or party.
  6. I will not copy or download any Products except for specific Products where my librarian or IT support tells me that I am entitled to do so. In such cases I will ensure that no other person or party uses my copies or downloads and that no other person or party makes any further copies themselves. I understand that these User Acknowledgement of Third Party Rights conditions apply to all copies and downloads.
  7. I will not remove any ownership, copyright or similar notices from any Product nor from any copies or downloads that I am entitled to make.
  8. I will not attempt to alter any Products for example by disassembling or decompiling software code or otherwise, nor will I attempt to replicate or re-create any Products for example by reverse engineering.
  9. At the end of my studies, employment or association with my Organisation, I will not attempt to use or access the Products and will destroy all copies and downloads that I have made. I understand that this does not apply to extracts from the Products that comply with paragraph 4 above.
  10. If I breach these conditions I understand that my Organisation, the owners or licensors of the Products and others may be entitled to take disciplinary or legal action against me.
  11. If I have any queries about my use of the Products or about any use I would like to make of the Products, I will ask my librarian or IT Services. I understand that the librarian or IT support will be able to advise me, or get me advice, on the legal terms and conditions of the contracts or licences applicable to specific Products and also concerning copyright or other relevant legislation.

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