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Study trips

At York we place a particular emphasis on studying works of art in the original and in context. At each stage of the degree, you will have the opportunity to experience different kinds of study trip.

At Stage 1, the The Art of Describing module introduces you to studying works of art and architecture first hand by visiting some of the incredible museums, galleries and historic sites in York. 

At Stage 2, site visits to museums and galleries are included in the Museology and Curatorship module. Using our excellent connections with museums, galleries and heritage sites, these trips help you to think about issues of display and curation, as well as give you the chance to meet arts professionals.

In the final year of your degree (Stage 3), our special subject modules include visits in the UK and abroad. 


Trips may be half-day or full-day visits to places in York or Yorkshire; they may be one, two or three day trips to places further afield such as London; or, in your third year,  they may be visits to major artistic centres abroad, and they are compulsory for all students.

In the last couple of years, trip destinations have included Siena, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Basel as well as a variety of UK sites.


As trips are an integral part of our teaching, we provide funding to cover all student transport and accommodation costs, including breakfast.  You will pay for other living expenses, local transport costs, and some museum entry fees.

What our students say

"Seeing the works first hand helped us form a greater understanding of the artistic process within them, and the size of the works was just something that you couldn’t appreciate from a book. We also explored the work of Warhol’s peers, and seeing this directly helped us realize how these artists influenced and reacted to one another. A particular highlight was the Schaulager, an art storage facility that is open to researchers and other people working in the art world. It was such a unique place.  Just having the chance to bond as a group really improved our seminar discussions for the rest of the term."

Basel, Mirrors and Screens: the World of Andy Warhol 


"The trip definitely broadened my perspectives on Italian architecture. It has helped in my essays, being able to remember what ‌the ‌buildings looked like in real life as opposed to looking at a picture in a book.

The whole class was entertained and enthralled throughout the trip with Dr Lillie's detailed knowledge and observations. It really established my love for fifteenth-century Italian architecture and the culture that surrounds it."

Florence and Venice, Architecture and Society in 15th-Century Italy


Royal Spaces- Paris (Michele Vescovi)

"London is amazing. We all left impressed, albeit dazed and fatigued, but what was clear was the importance of first hand study."

London, Painting in Britain, 1730-1840

Students on a recent trip to Siena. Photograph taken by undergraduate student, Catherine Fairless

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