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We are one of the largest and fastest-growing History of Art departments in the UK, with a diverse range of expertise. The image above shows just a selection of current members of staff in the Department of History of Art at York. 

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Professor Tim Ayers

Medieval art, especially stained glass and sculpture; art and education.

Dr Ana Bilbao Yarto

Curating contemporary art; histories of exhibition-making and art institutions; contemporary art from the Global South.

Dr James Boaden

American from 1930 to the present; ideas about the 'neo-avant-garde'; the crossover between experimental film and artistic practice in the twentieth century.

Professor Sarah Brown

The early history of stained glass restoration and post-medieval reception of medieval art; aspects and periods of stained glass and its contribution to the decor of the ecclesiastical interior.

Dr Briony Carlin

Photography, museum studies, affect and materiality, with an interest in critical feminist theories and methodologies.

Professor Jason Edwards

Aesthetic Interactions in South Asia amongst Mughal, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and British artists; the global contexts of British sculpture, c.1700-1914; the art of the British empire; queer theory, especially Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick; and ecclesiastical pantheons,  especially St Paul's Cathedral.

Professor Anthony Geraghty            

English Baroque architecture; architectural drawing and design practice; early modern university architecture.

Dr Theo Gordon

HIV/AIDS, and queer and postcolonial practices across diverse media.

Dr Katharine Harrison

Medieval art, with a particular focus on stained glass, illuminated manuscripts and sculpture; the design and adaptation of medieval narratives across visual media and texts; the post-medieval reception and restoration of medieval stained glass.

Professor Jane Hawkes                       

Late antique, early Christian and early Islamic art and architecture; Anglo-Saxon art, with a particular emphasis on the sculpture and its historiography; the art and architecture of 19th- and early 20th-century medieval revivals.

Dr Marko Ilić

Modern and contemporary art of the world, including their social, political and institutional contexts; the histories of multiple modernisms and modernities; transnational networks of artistic collaboration and exchange; and theories pertaining to imperialism, political economy and global post-socialism.

Dr Richard Johns            

Art and visual culture in Britain c.1650-1850, especially decorative history painting; JMW Turner; British art after 1945, its global connections and affiliations; ceramics.

Dr Anna-Maria Kanta

West German Art during the Cold War.

Dr Teresa Kittler

Artistic practices from 1945 to the present day, specifically Italian postwar art and primarily on issues related to art and the environment and questions related to gender.                         

Dr Richard McClary

Islamic art and architecture; the architecture and ceramic arts of the wider Iranian world from the tenth to the fourteenth centuries.

Professor Jeanne Nuechterlein      

15th- and 16th-century art in Northern Europe, with particular interests in the impact of the Reformation and the purposes and visual effects of different artistic media.

Professor Elizabeth Prettejohn

Receptions of ancient and Renaissance art; Victorian painting and sculpture; the Pre-Raphaelites; Victorian Aestheticism; Victorian and twentieth-century art criticism (particularly Walter Pater, Roger Fry); relationships between philosophical aesthetics and art practice.

Dr Jessica Richardson

Italian art c.1300–1550; Materiality and the agency of matter; Temporality; Magic, the supernatural and the miraculous image (image/relic); Image, ritual space and the performance of script; The reception, reworking and display of ‘medieval’ art.

Dr Adam Sammut

Currently researching 'Rubens and Islam: Global exchange and European identity in early modern Antwerp'.

Dr Luke Uglow

Nineteenth-Century Art with a focus on art historiography and the history of art history. Italian Renaissance Art, particularly responses to early sixteenth-century Venetian painting.

Dr Hanna Vorholt

Medieval art and visual culture focussing especially on illuminated manuscripts, and the representation of Jerusalem in the medieval West

Professor Michael White               

The twentieth-century European avant-gardes, especially Dada and Constructivism; modernist architecture and design.

Dr Cordula Van Wyhe              

Early modern cultural history with particular reference to the seventeenth-century Low Countries. Major interests include the history of dress (including fashion), Rubens, religious and political imagery, royal patronage, and early modern court culture.

Officers of the Board

Departmental officers



Head of Department:

Professor Elizabeth Prettejohn

Department Manager:


Deputy Head of Faculty Operations (DHoFO):

Mr Adam Hewitt

Chair of the Departmental Research Committee:

Professor Michael White

Chair of the Board of Studies:

Professor Jeanne Nuechterlein

Academic Secretary:


Director, York Art History Collaborations (YAHCs):

Dr Richard Johns

Head of Admissions:

Dr Ana Bilbao Yarto

Deputy Head of Admissions:

Professor Jason Edwards

Chair of Graduate Studies:

Professor Anthony Geraghty

Research Programmes Director:

Dr James Boaden

Athena Swan/Equal Opportunities Officer:

Dr Teresa Kittler

International, Visiting & Exchange Students:

Dr Jessica Richardson

Examinations Officer (taught programmes):


Disability Officer:


Website Officer:

Dr Luke Uglow

Library and Digitisation Officer:


Careers and Employability Coordinator:

Dr Cordula van Wyhe

Harassment Officer:


Health and Safety Officer:


Computing Officer:

 Tracey Milnes

Research Seminar Convener:


Ethics (incl Faculty Ethics Committee):


Department Management Team (DMT):

Professor E Prettejohn, Professor M White, Dr R Johns, Professor A Geraghty, Dr J Boaden, Professor J Nuechterlein, Dr A Bilbao Yarto, Mrs F Watson, Mr A Hewitt, Mr R Wood

Research Committee (DRC):

Professor M White, Professor E Prettejohn, Dr J Boaden, Dr R Johns, Dr Anna-Maria Kanta

Teaching Committee:

Professor J Nuechterlein, Professor E Prettejohn, Dr T Kittler, Dr Cordula van Wyhe, Dr Jessica Richardson, Dr Richard Johns, undergraduate student representatives

Graduate Studies Committee:

Professor A Geraghty,Professor E Prettejohn, Dr J Boaden, Professor Sarah Brown, Dr T Kittler, Dr Cordula van Wyhe, Dr Jessica Richardson, postgraduate student representatives

Library and Digitisation Committee:

Dr L Uglow, Kirsty Whitehead and Olivia Else  (Library), student representatives

Extenuating Circumstances Committee:

Dr Jessica Richardson, Dr Ana Bilbao, Prof M White, Dr L Uglow

Administrative Staff

For all enquiries:

Department Administrator
Stephanie King
Department Administrator
Tracey Milnes
Reception/Department Administrator
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Anna Ross
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Laura Walsh
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Katy Moors
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Clara Cheung
Department Manager
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