Fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes within the atmosphere, soil and water are a focus of our research, including how these processes respond to environmental change and then impact on human and ecosystem health.

We also explore the governance of clean, green environments and their contribution to human wellbeing. Much of our research in this challenge area considers the significant pressures that human activities in urban areas place on the surrounding environment and ecosystem health.

Research foci are on ecotoxicology, indoor and outdoor air quality, and carbon and nutrient cycling.

Research snapshot

Listen to Professor Alistair Boxall discuss his research into the global problem of pharmaceutical pollution as part of the Moos Family Speaker Series.

Listen to Professor Nic Carslaw discuss whether we should be worried about indoor air pollution as part of the Breathing City seminar series. Professor Carslaw also discussed the problem of indoor air pollution at the YorkTalks 2022 event.