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Launched in 2005 as a Marie-Curie Excellence Centre, the KITE group investigates ecosystem dynamics in the moist forests, savannah-woodland spectrums and cropland mosaics of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Through genetic sequencing, palaeoecological reconstruction, contemporary mapping, modelling and scenario development, we aim to better understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of tropical ecosystems, their societal value and challenges to their conservation.

New film out! Climate change, people, East Africa, archaeology - take a look. The film was made in collaboration between KITE researchers, the AAREA project and Ambient Cinema

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KITE news

Rob Marchant interviewed for Climate News Network on 'Climate cycle fuels famine in East Africa'

New film on climate change, people, East Africa, archaeology!

Four-day workshop happening at the University of York, with KITE, AFERIA and Mountain Sentinelsmembers working on approaches to better understand climate change adaptation landuse drivers and in East Africa.‌ The Bayesian newtork is in production!


Rob Marchant advocates better use of climate models by governments in new article 'Indian Ocean Dipole? The obscure climate phenomenon driving drought in East Africa'.


Exciting new 3-year PDRA position based in Tanzania, with secondments to University of York! More details in News.

Photo: Stefan Swanepoel


Exhibition about KITE and AAREA reseach on show in Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, until mid-February. 


Latest publications

First open access radiocarbon database for palaeoecological records in East Africa

Using herbarium records for ecosystem conservation

Exciting tales from field!

Charcoal deposition in a small lake [video summary]

Unravelling the notion of "fair carbon"

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