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Launched in 2005 as a Marie-Curie Excellence Centre, the KITE group investigates ecosystem dynamics in the moist forests, savannah-woodland spectrums and cropland mosaics of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Through genetic sequencing, palaeoecological reconstruction, contemporary mapping, modelling and scenario development, we aim to better understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of tropical ecosystems, their societal value and challenges to their conservation.

Dipole: the ‘Indian Niño’ that has brought devastating drought to East Africa

Rob Marchant explains the climate phenomenon on The Conversation.

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Grains of Truth

A new film explores climate change, people, East Africa and archaeology - take a look. The film was made in collaboration between KITE researchers, the AAREA project and Ambient Cinema

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Have you ever heard of cloud shepherds? Find out more about them by watching Aida Cuní Sanchez's film, featured here.

New KITE publication out in PAGES magazine!

See News for more info.

REAL project members run workshop in Amboseli on Resilient Ecology of East African Landscapes.


New policy briefs out!

Produced by KITE members involved with the AFERIA project. See News for more info.

Rob Marchant interviewed for Climate News Network

on 'Climate cycle fuels famine in East Africa'

New film

on climate change, people, East Africa, archaeology!

Rob Marchant advocates better use of climate models

by governments in new article 'Indian Ocean Dipole? The obscure climate phenomenon driving drought in East Africa'