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Policy Briefs

These policy briefs have been developed with KITE's associated projects:

Development Corridors Partnership 

Land use futures for the southern agricultural growth corridor of Tanzania

Mountain Research 

Indicators for Elevating Mountains in the Convention on Biological Diversity's Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework 

Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in Eastern Africa (CHIESA) 

Perceptions and Knowledge of Climate Change and Ecosystem Goods and Services - A closer look at Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Taita Hills in Kenya Policy brief 1 (PDF , 2,207kb)

Effects of Climate Change on Habitats and Biodiversity - Creating Knowledge for Future Planning and Policy Policy brief 2 (PDF , 1,609kb)

Land Cover Change Scenarios in the Taita Hills - What Will 2030 Look Like? Policy brief 3 (PDF , 1,632kb)

Likely Impacts of Climate Change on Access to Water - Upper Catchment of Pangani River Basin in Tanzania and Wundanyi Catchment in Taita Hills of Kenya Policy brief 4 (PDF , 2,052kb)

Ecosystem Pest Management and Pollination Focus on Crucifers  Policy brief 5 (PDF , 2,056kb)

Ecosystem Services Pest Management - Coffee Production System Response to Climate Change Policy brief 6 (PDF , 772kb)

Ecosystem Services Pest Management - Climate Change and Impact on Maize Lepidopteran Stem Borers and their Natural Enemies Policy brief 7 (PDF , 2,580kb)

Restoring the Fertility of Degraded Lands Through Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration -Emerging Trends and Patterns in Taita Hills in Kenya Policy brief 8 (PDF , 1,671kb)

Mapping Land Cover and the Probability of Understory Coffee in Jimma, Ethiopia Policy brief 9 (PDF , 1,829kb)

Integrated Pest Management for Control of Population Dynamics, Distribution and Abundance of Pests Policy brief 10 (PDF , 1,682kb)

Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Water Provision - Pangani River Basin, Tanzania Policy brief 11 (PDF , 803kb)

Traditional Weather Forecasting: Practices, Challenges and Opportunities Policy brief 12 (PDF , 798kb)

Community Based Climate Change Adaptation for the Taita Hills, Kenya 2015–2019 Policy brief 13 (PDF , 701kb)


Adaptation for Ecosystem Resilience in Africa (AFERIA)

Exploring Land use and Land cover Changes under Future Climate Projections in Taita Hills, Kenya and Jimma Highlands, Ethiopia AFERIA policy brief 1 (PDF , 878kb)

Climate Change on Eastern Africa’s Mountains: The AFRICLIM High resolution Ensemble Projections for Taita Hills, Jimma Highlands and Mt. Kilimanjaro AFERIA policy brief 2 (PDF , 700kb)

Climate Change and Human Rights: Gender and Health-Sensitive Responses AFERIA policy brief 3 (PDF , 781kb)

Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa (AAREA)

Terraces are good, but sediment traps are better  AAREA Policy brief (PDF  , 2,883kb)

B‌iodiversity Atlas of the Natural Capital of Kenya

Tertiary Institutions Natural Capital Kenya Tertiary (PDF , 819kb)

National Policy Makers Kenya Natural Capital. Policy Makers (PDF , 892kb)

Business and Biodiversity Natural Capital Kenya Business and Community (PDF , 1,206kb)

County Decision Makers Kenya Natural Capital. Policy Makers (PDF , 892kb)

Peri-Urban Resilient Ecosystems (PURE) 

Report of Urban Ecolution Participatory Scenrio Planning Workshop Report of the participatory scenario planning workshop 2019 (PDF , 3,406kb)

Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation into climate resilience strategies for informal settlements in Windhoek, Namibia Mainstreaming Ecosystems (PDF , 1,377kb)

Socially inclusive and innovative policy making for climate resilient urban strategies for informal settlements in dryland Africa

Dryland nature based solutions for informal settlement upgrading schemes in Africa