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PhD Students

Current doctoral projects supervised by KITE. For our PhD archive, see here

Student  Project  Institution(s)
Pattrawhut Pusingha Scenarios of future land cover change in Nan, Province, Northern Thailand
  • University of York
Obroma Agumagu Management challenges of the Niger Delta
  • University of York
Jay Gnanam Scenarios of post-conflict recovery in northern Sri Lanka
  • University of York
Denis Momanyi Sustainable futures for agricultural landscapes around Mount Kenya
  • Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Rebecca Newmann Future scenarios of land cover and climate change on Zanzibar
  • University of York
  • University of Sheffield
Rana Parween The development of indigenous ecosystem conservation: a comparison between India and Kenya
  • University of York
Hamidu Seki Impacts of the mining industry on livelihoods and biodiversity in Africa
  • University of York

Joanne Morris


Pathways for sustainable pastoral livelihoods
  • University of York

Sha Chen

Future adaption strategies for sustainable land use in developing countries (China)
  • Zhejiang University

Apichaya Englong 

Human mangrove interactions through the past 1000 years on the Tanzania Coast
  • Bangkok University

Bing Wu

Research in Sichuan Provence on  testate amoebae: Biodiversity, Human-induced differences, and application in paleoecology.

Exploration on Holocene climate change in Tibetan Plateau

  • University of York 

Evan Sitati 

Future of the Masai Mara reserve, Kenya. 

  • University of York

Banki Thomas Chunwate

Historical forest changes and interaction with forest cover change in Nigeria  
  • University of York

Mollly Spater 

Exploring the history of the Amazon in lowland Ecuador in the Yasuni protected area 
  • University of Liverpool

(supported by an ACE studentship)