Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering

H610 BEng Bachelor of Engineering: 3 year
H611 BEng Bachelor of Engineering: 3 year (with a year in industry)
H609 MEng Integrated Master of Engineering: 4 year
H608 MEng Integrated Master of Engineering: 4 year (with a year in industry)

These courses provide a very wide range of knowledge and techniques in modern electronic engineering.

  • Fundamental properties of electronic components and circuits are treated in detail in the early stages of the course, as are computer-based tools and programming techniques.
  • Later years include topics such as system design, modelling, signal processing and analysis, microprocessor interfacing, measurement instrumentation, feedback and computer control.
  • Each year includes a group project and the final stage incorporates a substantial individual project along with advanced level specialist options.

The Electronic Engineering courses provide the basis for our other more specialist programmes. In general it is possible to transfer from these courses to one of our specialised courses at any point during the first year or so of the course, giving considerable flexibility. Subject to pre-requisites having been satisfied, topics offered in the specialised courses are available as options to those students following the generic courses.

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