Andy Austin

Andy Austin

"I completed my PhD in computational electromagnetics, modelling the performance of anisotropic composite materials in the GHz range. I was enrolled part-time whilst working in the research team of a manufacturing company. My employer sponsored my study and allowed me to take block release (1 week / month). I spent a further 12 hours / week of my own time and completed my project in a little over 6 years.

I’m now working as a materials specialist, managing multi-disciplinary R&D projects, leading the development phase of new initiatives and ensuring successful scale up of the firm’s products.

Completing a PhD, whilst working, requires commitment, focus and determination. Adjusting mentally from the practical challenges of the day to the research challenges in the evening can be quite challenging. But with good planning, routine and a quiet place to work, alongside support from your supervisor this is possible to overcome, whilst also leaving some essential free time to relax and enjoy other aspects of life.

The whole experience has been extremely rewarding and I’ve felt well supported by the staff and the department throughout."

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