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Alixander Partridge

Alix Partridge

"I obtained my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of the West of England and, if I’m totally honest, during my studies I put very little time into considering life beyond my degree. During my studies I was elected to various positions within the University, including the position of deputy chair of the department of Engineering, Design and Mathematics and it was here that I met the head of the Engineering department. After a brief discussion about my hazy future plans, she put me in touch with the secretive Bristol Robotics Laboratory that existed in the woods on the periphery of the university.

Robotics had always been a fascination of mine, but I had never for a second considered that I would have the necessary skills to pursue it as a career, however, I was admitted to the facility and within a month had secured two internships! It was from this incredible experience, working in an environment that had the ability to mesmerise and astound in an instant, that I found myself applying to the University of York to study Intelligent Robotics.

The course at the University of York instantly jumped out at me, as it had been completely rewritten for my year of entry. While in some fields this might cause concern, in a field as new and dynamic as robotics, I saw the possibility of a new course as a fantastic opportunity to learn the most recent theory and explore the newest ideas within a department of young and well-established professors. Not to mention that I would have the chance to leave my mark on the course for later years!

Since completing the course at York I have been awarded a place on a funded PhD at the University of Bristol within the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. I am researching how to adapt the morphology of soft robots to create reaction responses that bypass the central controller. It’s a fascinating project and I feel that my time at York has prepared me well for it. I remember my time on the Intelligent Robotics course fondly and can’t wait to return one day to share my results!"

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