MSc Engineering Management

Gabriela Mikulcova

Gabriela Mikulcova

"After finishing my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering I looked for a Master's course which would combine my passion for science and technology with the art of management. The Engineering Management course at the University of York was one of my top choices because of the wide research in the field, high rankings, beautiful campus and historical city. Luckily I was accepted to do my Master's degree in the Department of Electronic Engineering and moreover, I was awarded a Greville Bloodworth Engineering Management Scholarship to help with my tuition fees. Time at the University of York was the most delightful period of my life - besides the deep understanding and knowledge of the subjects taught by experienced professionals, I have gained life-long international friends, it taught me to work with other people more effectively through the group assessments, to manage my time and make the most of it. Skills learnt during the Engineering Management course helped me to secure a place in one of the most competitive graduate schemes in the UK where only 0.4% applicants were accepted - immediately after end of the course I started to work as a Graduate Engineer in Quality Assurance at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK. This scheme includes 4 or 5 rotations among different sections of Quality Assurance where I apply my technical but also managerial knowledge in everyday life and undergo more courses and learning for personal and leadership development."

Jiamin Wu (Vicky)

Jiamin Wu

"I joined the first cohort of the MSc Engineering Management programme and graduated from the University of York in 2012 with distinction. To be honest, after I finished my bachelor's degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Newcastle, it was a hard choice for me to pick a postgraduate programme. I wanted to continue studying Electrical Engineering but needed some more knowledge in practical and management levels to build innovation instead of research. Fortunately, I found such a suitable programme in the University of York’s official website, and unhesitatingly decided to join the new MSc Engineering Management programme in 2010.

The courses are progressive and practical. It offered a complete understanding of engineering project operation, meanwhile training us in many professional skills, such as negotiation skills, presentation skills, team working, creative ability, using theory to build prototypes, planning and time management skill etc. It provides a whole picture solution to run a project which I found is the most helpful for my current career in China as a Sales Force Effectiveness Consultant.  Now I work for Nestle Group, the largest food company in the world. We are under Wyeth Nutrition BU. My job involves sales performance review and managing incentive schemes. I need to optimize the incentive system and deployment plan to build a sustainable high efficiency sales team based on the market and business changes. I am also an active volunteer in the World Wide Fund for Nature.

I really enjoyed the University life at York. The city is historic and beautiful; the people there are friendly and lovely. During the course, I acted as the Postgraduate Academic Representative for the MSc programme. I would encourage other students to take such roles as it is a good way to build your leadership and organizational ability."

Iffryal Hashreeq Bin Abdullah Halim

Iffryal Hashreeq Bin Abdullah Halim

"In 2016, I completed my MSc Engineering Management from the University of York and the course is fantastic. This course taught us to think critically in terms of technical and business, work as a team, how to pitch a business idea, manage projects and even the basic accounts and finance. My experience as a postgraduate was wonderful; I improved a lot my presentation and communication skills, enhanced my leadership skills and I started to think how to convert an idea into a real business.

To be honest, I have acquired a lot of skills including technical, research and soft skills. As an international student from Malaysia, I am fully satisfied with the facilities provided, support from University staff and the modules taught throughout the course, which really helped me prepare myself to kick off my career. The theories taught during lectures and lab work are well balanced, the lectures are given by experienced and passionate lecturers and my academic/project supervisors were really helpful and approachable by giving their advice and honest opinions. These wonderful experiences and skills I gained as an undergraduate student (also in York) really developed me to become a better student during my postgraduate studies.

In conclusion, I am really satisfied with the course offered by the University of York. After I finished my course, I only waited for about 1 month before starting my job as a Technical Services Engineer in a low-cost airline company in Malaysia. Besides having an in-depth understanding of technical areas, the University of York taught me interpersonal skills, which are crucial in the working environment."

Rongxiu Pan (Samantha)

Rongxiu Pan

"I completed my MSc Engineering Management from the University of York in 2014, which was the happiest time of my student life. After my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automation in Shanghai, I set my own career plan to work in the engineering industry. To achieve this, I started looking for a programme that could give me the chance to gain more skills and experience for an engineering work environment. While browsing the websites, York interested me first as a stunning town. After a few days research, I was attracted by the advanced facilities at the University and the comprehensive modules in this programme, so I applied for it without a doubt. Luckily, I received an offer and started my study in York.

After one-year, it turned out to be a great decision for my life. The programme satisfied me with all I expected from a University. From the technology, innovation, project management, to business across culture, innovation, finance, and even laws, the modules helped me fully prepare in multiple areas to work for a company after the programme. During the modules, group work, questionnaires, research, readings, presentations, papers, and exams were applied to best utilise the knowledge the professors and classmates shared with us. It motivated me to explore the topics deeply and get used to self-learning other than just understanding what we were told. I still remember that our professor Jo North invited guests to her module to inspire us to be more familiar with the industry. She also took all of us to a portacabin factory to actually see how the LEAN management was utilised. Apart from the modules, the university organised different events to fill our spare time, including career advice, hobby groups, technology exhibitions, English lessons for international students, holiday tours, etc. Most of them are free and run all year round. As a student living and studying in a new place which is thousands of miles away from home and family, I never felt lonely and never got bored. All these above coloured my first year in the UK, and more importantly, laid a strong foundation for my future career. I appreciated every professor and every staff that ever helped me during that unforgettable time.

With the advice and help from the career centre and our professors, during my final term, I did some volunteering and one internship to build up my work experience in the UK. Holding a MSc degree from the university with such a great reputation and the work experience, I got a job offer as a graduate signalling designer for Kier Group. Now, I have been working for Kier for over 3 years, and have been living in the UK for almost 5 years. The knowledge I gained from the MSc Engineering Management, like WBS, innovation, time management, mind maps and SWOT are important skills at work. Especially, the habit of self-learning and self-motivation I gained from York benefits me every day in my life."

Johannes Heigl

Johannes Heigl

"My name is Johannes Heigl, I’m from Germany and I did my Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and Media Engineering, a combination of electrical engineering and computer science, at Ulm University, Germany. Right after graduation I started working for Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, an international medical technology company that develops and manufactures devices for diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases, microsurgery solutions and appliances for intraoperative radiotherapy. During that time I gained first insights into project management as well as promoting a product’s marketability which finally strengthened my intention of expanding my engineering background with management skills. Consequently, I decided to do a Master’s degree in Engineering Management at the Department of Electronics, University of York.

The course is a wide-ranging compilation of modules such as project management, marketing of technologies, law in engineering management as well as accounting and finance. Adding to the fact that most theory is illustrated with concrete business cases, the course also teaches how these fields interact. For that purpose, the students are, for instance, challenged to come up with innovative products, to protect their results against competitors, to develop suitable marketing strategies and to even plan business expansion to other countries. Additionally, much importance is attached on working in teams and on learning how to successfully communicate with people from a different cultural background.

Summing up, the MSc programme prepared me very well for my new job back at Carl Zeiss Meditec AG where I now support the market launch of new ophthalmologic products and also account for service requirements. Moreover, I am concerned with the technical development of modifications and upgrades for existing devices as well as the preparation and realisation of training for internal and external customers. Due to my knowledge of engineering management, the company aims to deploy me as a Service Product Manager for a soon released product once my training phase is over."

Mohamad E Omar

Mohamad E Omar

"I hold an MSc degree in Engineering Management; graduated from the University of York, with a distinction degree. Prior to this, I graduated from Al-Ahliyya Amman University at Amman, Jordan with a BSc degree in Medical Engineering with first class degree honours.

How I found the programme: The programme was structured well, with each module combining a variety of teaching methods to cover course material. Core courses are taken in the first half of the year, while a much more practical second half allows students to apply what they have already learned. I particularly liked the group work. It was really interesting doing the coursework in this way, especially since overcoming challenges and working effectively in a diverse team environment is ultimately what you will be faced with in your work life. I was fascinated also by the various ways of assessment, such as; assignments, viva, presentations and exams. As a result, I was able to get a distinction fairly and impartially. 

How the programme has prepared me: The consultancy field is about adequate research from reliable sources while applying the necessary right techniques depending on the client situation. All of which were introduced to me while studying the MSc Engineering Management. During my MSc I have taken plenty of modules, while mentioning some of the gained benefits from selected modules:

  • MSc final project module: this module showed my ability of working under pressure, team working and team leadership, commitment, project planning and development, forecasting, creativity, managing across cultures, and finally coaching facilities.
  • Ideation module: the module gave me a lot of idea generating techniques that helped in problem solving and to be more original.
  • Entrepreneurship module, Management and Marketing of Technology module: knowing the importance of feasibility studies and all marketing aspects, such as; segmentations, market research, business models, project planning, strategic management and risk analysis. While applying various kinds of tools, such as: BCG Matrix, PESTLE Risk Analysis, Product Lifecycle, Mind-Mapping, Related Worlds, LEAN Manufacturing and SMART technique and much more.
  • Corporate Governance and HR Management module: which equipped me with an understanding of Intellectual Property protection, compare and discriminate between different legal forms for organizations while linking that with corporate values, policies, practices, cultures, the role of people in organizations and focusing on the corporate aims and goals.
  • International Finance module: grasping the issues of international trading between countries, to be able to choose appropriate risk management techniques to mitigate trading risks and to understand the nature of country risk; in order to, maximize the profit for any company and avoid risks.

What I am doing now: Now I am working as a Management Consultant in Jordan, my experience can be expanded to all aspects related to conducting feasibility studies, epitomized in: market research and segmentation, product analysis and pricing, supply chain, building business models, financial analysis and forecast. Additionally, I am experienced at HR Consulting at different topics, such as: innovation management, change management, corporate governance and performance management."

Joannes Rodrigues

Joannes Rodrigues

"My Course and why I chose York: I graduated in January 2013 with an MSc in Engineering Management. I have always loved engaging with people, sharing ideas and was passionate about technology and how it can help businesses achieve better performance. Having studied Electronics Engineering I wanted to understand the business and the economics behind it. Hence I pursed the MSc which helped me establish a sound understating of both the technology world and the business world. I also wanted to graduate from a UK Top 10 University, as well as a Department that had a great reputation for its field and the University of York was a perfect fit. And having come from Mangalore, India, a small and quiet city in the south-west coast of India, studying at York made me feel at home.

What I am doing right now: I accepted a job offer at MetricStream and have been working since I graduated. I work as a Business Development Consultant for the Governance, Risk and Compliance software solutions. My job involves helping companies thrive in today's increasingly mobile, social, global, and complex business landscape through their risk management programs, quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance initiatives. I am currently engaged with projects in the Fortune 500 firms across Energy and Utilities, Hi-Tech and Manufacturing sectors. I am also thinking of doing part time research in the area of Corporate Governance and wish to contribute towards the subject by writing for journals.

How my degree at York helped: My degree has helped me academically, socially and culturally. The education system in the west has developed an argument based approach unlike the memory based approach used in the East. Further to that I have been able to secure a Distinction Grade thus making me an expert in the field of management. The module that is most relevant to my current job is Corporate Governance and Marketing of Technology. Both these modules were taught by Jo North. Jo had clearly explained the role of Governments in regulations, how companies are to be governed and shared industry insights into best practices of marketing. I also had the opportunity to volunteer, socialize and network with people from over 25 countries in various disciplines such as Management, History, Politics, Arts, and Archeology etc.

Memories of York: York has surprised me since the day I had arrived with its history, friendly people, great bars and much more. One of the best memories is that of socials at University and societies which have given me friends for life. I also had the privilege of attending events in York with famous guests such as, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, David Miliband, Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, Comedian Dara O’Briain and many more. The historic monuments such as the York Minster are my wall pictures, friends are my map to the world, pasta is my staple food, British Rock my music, York Press my weekly news and the voices of Yorkshire are still heard through the University of York Radio and BBC York radio in a land 5000 miles away, in Bangalore, India."

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