Ravak Hussein

MSc Engineering Management

Ravak Hussein

"I did my Bachelor's degree in civil engineering at the University of Dohuk in Kurdistan regional of Iraq. During my career as a civil engineer and specifically as a site engineer for almost ten years, I have developed the capability to deal with different projects, including the supervision of multi-storey buildings, internal roads, water projects, the renovation of old buildings and many others. My first impression was that, we lack a good managerial structure, which is vital to track down and specify weaknesses and shortages in our organisational and institutional system.

The aforementioned realities combined with the quality of modules offered in the MSc course in Engineering Management were among the reasons why I chose applying for the University of York in general and this course in particular. Moreover, York as a city has a rich heritage with many historical and touristic attractions that I personally think would be an excellent environment for international students.

Furthermore, the MSc course provided me with a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from various modules that have been taught so far. For example, ‘International Business’ equipped us with an understanding of managing people from different cultures within organisations, ‘Strategic and Operations Management’ prepared us with various strategic issues including an effective utilisation of resources from the staff, materials, equipment and technology, ‘Ideation’ introduced us with a variety of idea generation techniques that will used for developing business creativity and commercial innovation. All these modules with the different concepts, theories and models included have provided me so far with a solid foundation to enhance my managerial skills and boost my ability to confidently face future real life situations and working environment challenges.

Additionally, the active learning process adopted in this course including interactive workshops, individual and group presentations, team working, class discussions etc., has to a great extent significantly impacted on my ‘Interpersonal Skills’ which are considered as a prerequisite in organisations nowadays."

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