Kat Young

Kat Young

"I applied for the MEng variant of the Music Technology course on my UCAS application. I was confident I wanted to do the longer course as the modules and projects available interested me, particularly where it deviated from the BEng course in terms of a large 3rd year group project and the different types of modules available in the 4th year. 

I also applied intending to look for a placement after my 3rd year. I knew this would mean my undergraduate course would take 5 years to complete, but I wasn’t particularly concerned about this as I knew having both a year in industry and an MEng would put me in good stead in terms of future employment. Having completed 3 years certainly helped secure my placement: my interviewer viewed it in high regard as I had more knowledge than some of the other applicants purely by having completed one more year.

I also enjoyed the slight change in the 4th year towards more research oriented modules, as well as being able to pursue a more in-depth project. I believe the experience of these modules helped prepare me for a PhD, which I am currently undertaking. My PhD was inspired by my 4th year project, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay in the same department under the same supervisor."

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