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Mathematics trainee

At York you will join a highly committed group of trainee teachers developing their skills in the university PGCE partnership.  You will participate in university based session (including formal presentations, whole and small group discussions and practical workshops) led by experienced staff, guest speakers and teachers from schools.  The University based course is closely linked to a programme of classroom experiences in our partnership schools and in school you will benefit from a strong system of mentor support.  Your training will encourage you to reflect on what you learn and experience, so that you can make secure progress during the year. The course combines a practical approach with a strong theoretical basis and qualifies you to teach Mathematics at 11-16 (with post-16 enhancement), providing opportunities for you to develop your particular interests in the different age ranges and across the spectrum of abilities.

Why Maths?

National concern about Mathematics teaching, and developments in our knowledge about how children learn Mathematics, have led to changes in emphasis and teaching approaches to meet the needs of the whole ability range in schools. You will consider these changes as you learn to help pupils engage in mathematical thinking and how to use and evaluate different approaches to teaching Mathematics: these include practical work, problem solving and open-ended investigative work, mental methods of calculation, the use of calculators and computers and stronger links with other subjects and the world of work.  You will learn how to assess both your own teaching and your pupils’ learning.

Want to apply?

Trainees come to the course with a range of qualifications, employment backgrounds and mathematical interests. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to work collaboratively, sharing this wealth of experience, knowledge and technical expertise.

Each application is considered on its own merits but it is generally expected that at least 50% of your degree is in Mathematics. If this is not the case but you do have a good grade in Mathematics at A level (or its equivalent), it is possible that you may be considered for PGCE after successful completion of a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course.  This would be explored with suitable applicants at the interview stage.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Please contact us directly to discuss SKEs.

Mathematics UCAS codes

York (Y50) G1X1

Diocese of Middlesbrough TSA (2KH) 39MM

The Pathfinder Alliance (1VU) 289K

Yorkshire Teaching School Alliance (15X) 2WFQ

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