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ESRC PhD Studentship in Economics

University of York - Department of Economics and Related Studies in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Finland

Topic: Comparative quantitative analysis of individual unemployment experiences with register data from Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom

Supervisor: Dr. Ralf A. Wilke

Cross country comparison of unemployment experiences provide new insights into the relative performance of national labour markets and can be used to verify if there are common patterns across countries. It has been proved to be popular in various disciplines including Sociology and Economics. Existing studies use household survey data. As survey data are rather small and suffer from recall errors about past labour market activities, the existing cross country comparisons lack the precision of national studies based on large scale linked administrative data.

The aim of this research project is to perform pioneering, cross country comparison of individual unemployment experiences with large scale administrative individual data from European countries. Data for the United Kingdom and Germany are available as scientific use files (JUVOS and SIAB, respectively) and linked administrative data from Finland will be made available by the project collaborator. The applicant is expected to develop a more specific research agenda in the research proposal. The successful applicant is expected to have a degree in Economics, Econometrics or Applied Statistics and should have already conducted empirical work with statistical packages as part of the bachelor or master dissertation.

The successful applicant will be enrolled in one of the leading PhD programmes in Economics in the UK and will have the opportunity to work with at the one of the leading economics departments in the UK. The successful applicant will also have the opportunity to benefit from the activities in the Applied Microeconometrics Cluster and the Econometrics Cluster. The scholarship involves working closely with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Finland, and the student will be expected to spend two months per year at the Government institute for Economic Research in Helsinki (with travel and accommodation costs funded) to work with the administrative data from Finland. The Government Institute for Economic Research is part of the Ministry of Finance. Tomi Kyyrä, Research Professor at the Government Institute for Economic Research will play an active role as an external supervisor.

The studentship starts in October 2013 and its value is according to ESRC statutes and is awarded for a duration of three (+3) or four (1+3) years. It covers tuition fees, a maintenance grants and research expenses. The Ministry of Finance in Finland provides an additional travel grant and guest accommodation for research visits in Helsinki.

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Deadline for application: 27 March 2013

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