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Third year student profile

Craig Hardy, Year 3
MChem, with a Year in York

When I first came to York for the open day, it wasn’t long after seeing the campus for the first time that I had decided this was the University where I wanted to study Chemistry.

I could see the enthusiasm from staff and students alike as soon as I reached the Chemistry department and once I sat down in the lecture theatre and Professor Andy Parsons had begun his talk, I was certain that this was where I wanted to be sitting in a years’ time.

At the time they had just begun building the brand new teaching labs, and now after three years of 9 to 4 lab days and a few disastrous experiments later, I can safely say these labs are incredible.

Everything about them is modern and every time I walk in they still feel brand new, all the machines and equipment is fully functioning and state of the art-making labs not only successful but also enjoyable.

There are PhD students, who were in your position just a few years ago, in the labs with you as demonstrators and are very approachable and happy to assist you in and out of the labs, and they will even have a chat with you from time to time.

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Whilst studying there is plenty of chance to explore different areas of chemistry through the option modules available to you in your second and third years, it provides a chance to follow specific areas of interest in chemistry such as Medicinal chemistry. There are plenty of workshops, offered throughout the year to help improve skills and employability such as writing, presentations and CV writing.

I chose to apply for the MChem with a year in York. The research at York like the teaching is of the highest quality, with key interest areas including synthetic chemistry, green chemistry and liquid crystals & nanoparticles.

In your final year, you will do a research project supervised by an academic member of staff in a state of the art lab alongside PhD students and other postgraduates.

When applying you have the opportunity to talk to researchers about their work, and there is even the opportunity to tailor your project to your interests.

With vacation bursaries available each year that encourage undergraduate students to undertake placements in research (and teaching) laboratories over the summer vacation period, you may even find yourself working with familiar faces in your final year.

By coming to York I can assure you not only will you have the tools to excel, as well as top quality teaching from leading professionals in the subject, but a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere; as well as a beautiful campus and city with plenty to see and do while you spend your years here. I would absolutely recommend applying!

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