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An MChem with a Year Abroad Student

Katie, Year 2

After hearing from my older siblings and friends about how much fun the student lifestyle is, I couldn’t wait to leave school and experience living in halls. I am in Halifax College and lived in a house of 20 students in first year which was a lot of fun as there was always someone around to chat to.

I do feel fortunate that I am part of one of the best Chemistry Departments in the country where the standard of teaching is so high, with lecturers being very engaging and inspiring

When introduced to my Chemistry College, Pauling, I realised there was some overlap with my college of residence. This was comforting as I quickly made friends with these people and walked to lectures with them every day. From here we went to some ChemSoc socials together and we’re still friends today!

Initially, I applied for the ‘Year in Industry’ course but after speaking to third and fourth year chemists, who I met at the gymnastics society, I realised I had the desire to study abroad.

As the chemistry department has connections with 17 different universities across the globe, I was spoilt for choice but decided to go with Canada as my top preference.

I have always wanted to visit Canada and I am so excited about getting the chance to live there and study my masters at the same time!

I think this course gives you the best of both worlds as I get to study in York AND experience chemistry in another country. 

What comes with being a chemistry student is a full timetable of lectures, workshops, tutorials and lab days, with homework alongside all that, which many refer to as ‘value for money’.‌

Katie_Year 2 MChem_Abroad

It can be a challenge to keep on top of it all, but with every challenge there is a reward of satisfaction after completing and handing in a lab report.

This is suited to me because I enjoy being busy and it makes me cherish my free time even more.

There are countless opportunities available here at York which have enriched my student life, such as: volunteering as an activator for the ‘Give It A Go’ scheme, being president of the gymnastics club and getting involved in as many different societies as I can, from Yoga, Wakeboarding and Windsurfing to the Christian Union.

I was lucky enough to be selected for the Chemistry Admissions Bursary where I work alongside the admissions team to gain some work experience and earn money at the same time.



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