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An MChem with a Year in Industry Student

Lucy, Year 1

Aside from the Department, I have also really enjoyed living in York


Whilst the transition from home to York was inevitably overwhelming, the friendly atmosphere which was apparent straight from the move made it so much easier.

Having second and third years to help move your things and answer the little questions was comforting!

Lucy Year 1

The introductions to the department were slow, which gave us a chance to settle in and it built up slowly from there.

In the first few weeks, we had ‘The Happening’ which was a mini project that involved planning and organising material to present.

‌It was a really good day to have a chance to meet more people studying chemistry in a more relaxed setting.

Once the lectures and content started to build up, we began to have weekly sessions with a few questions to answer in either a workshop or tutorial setting.

A workshop is in a group of a maximum of up to 25 whereas a tutorial is in a group of 4 or 5.

Both settings are ideal to consolidate the material covered in lectures and ask any questions, which is slightly less intimidating than asking in lectures!

On top of the lectures each week, we also have a day of labs.

At sixth form, I didn’t have much experience with practical work so this was something I was slightly worried about. However, being put in a small group with a demonstrator there all day meant I quickly built up my confidence and independence.

I found a great way to meet new people was through having a part-time job at the Student Union bars as well as joining societies such as Riding and my College Committee.


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