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An MChem with a Year Abroad Student

Josie Rogers, Year 2
MChem: Chemistry

One of my favourite things about York is the college system.

The teaching is high quality and so is the research, which means that we are taught by people who are at the cutting edge of their field

Josie, July 2017

From the first day at York, I felt proud to be a part of my college and there are so many opportunities to get more involved in college life: from sports teams to charity events, college club nights to helping run the college in the JCRC.

My college felt like a home away from home and my housemates quickly felt like my family. The STYCs (second and third year contacts) do an amazing job at helping freshers settle in and get started with uni life, providing a friendly and supportive interface between new students and college welfare.

York is a fantastic place to study chemistry and we consistently placed highly in league tables

All chemistry students attend the same lectures and there is also small group teaching in tutorials (normally groups of 5) and workshops (groups of around 25).

Josie_MChem Year 2

This allows us to ask questions and reinforce what has been taught in lectures.

The workshop group stays the same throughout your course, allowing you to get to know the people in your group really well; this is great as it means that you never feel silly asking questions and aren’t afraid to get an answer wrong.

Your tutorial group also stays the same, which means you can become really close with the people in your group – I met one of my best friends through tutorials!

Before starting at York, I was so nervous about labs, but the teaching for practical work here is excellent. At the beginning, lab groups are very small, with around six students to one demonstrator. This allows the demonstrator to take time to guide you through what needs to be done step by step and ensure that you are working safely and to a high standard.

Gradually the lab groups become bigger and practicals more complex as confidence and knowledge grows. The demonstrators are PhD students who are always friendly and helpful; they were all first years at one point and remember how nerve-wracking the first few weeks in labs can be.

So far, I have loved every minute of my time at York and wouldn’t change it for the world – I can’t wait to see what the next two years have in store!

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