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Option modules

As you progress through your course, you will be selecting options which build on the core modules taken by all our students.

  • The option modules are all self contained and only rely on material taught in core chemistry.
  • They enable you to have an input into designing your own degree programme and, as you do not choose your options for a given year until the end of the previous year, you will be able to follow your interests as they develop through the course.
  • As the time to choose approaches, we will give you more detailed information about the individual options.
  • Option modules make up one-sixth (20 out of 120 credits) of Years 2 and 3 of the BSc course.
  • Option modules make up one-sixth (20 out of 120 credits) of Year 2 and one-third (40 out of 120 credits) of Year 3 of the MChem course.
  • For Year 4 of the MChem programme, all students do an independent open learning module (20 out of 120 credits).

Courses are designed to enable you to specialise in particular areas of Chemistry. We have planned our options with this in mind, and you will find in the course descriptions particular combinations of recommended options.

View what Craig Hardy, a 3rd Year MChem student, thinks about the teaching on our courses.

We are constantly refreshing our choice and content of option modules.

Year 2 options

Year 3 options

MChem only

Year 4 open learning options

Click on the highlighted courses for a brief overview of what each of these option modules is about.

In order to keep teaching as up-to-date as possible, options are constantly being developed.

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