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 An MChem with a Year in York

Jai, Year 4
MChem: Chemistry

Undertaking my undergraduate degree at the University of York has been an extremely enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience.

From the excellent teaching and outstanding support to the exciting research I carried out in 3rd and 4th year projects, my degree has developed my knowledge and ability as a fledgling chemist and I would not hesitate to recommend chemistry at York to anyone.

The new undergraduate teaching labs are a unique and fantastic way to learn about practical chemistry with the help of approachable PhD student demonstrators and lab technicians.

The skills learnt in teaching labs have developed my confidence in practical chemistry which has allowed me to be successful in my MChem project during which I have synthesised several novel compounds and further enhanced my capabilities as a synthetic chemist.

Furthermore, undergraduate labs are a very sociable experience which makes them even more enjoyable.

Tutorials (up to 5 students) and workshops (up to 25 students) are small group teaching activities that accompany every module we undertake.

These are invaluable as they allow you to ask questions and fill in gaps in your understanding with a friendly and dedicated academic in a relaxed environment.

My role as course rep throughout the degree, along with other activities such as group projects, presentations, and my undergraduate ambassador role have provided excellent opportunity to develop transferrable skills outside of chemistry such as communication and time management skills which I believe will be vital in my future career.