The Atmospheric Chemistry group study gas and aerosol phase processes in the atmosphere using experimental and modelling approaches. Our main interests are in technology development for atmospheric science; high quality, ultra sensitive atmospheric measurements; fundamental physico-chemical research; land and ocean exchange with the atmosphere; development of highly detailed chemical mechanisms; global modelling of the atmosphere.

Research is conducted in the laboratory and also out in the field, on the ground, on ships and in the air.  The group run the Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory for long-term measurements and also takes part in shorter field campaigns and has visited locations such as Tasmania, Borneo and Antarctica.


You can see a complete list of papers from the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories.

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Live data

Live measurements of air pollution data for our sites at Cape Verde, BT Tower, Kirby Misperton and Little Plumpton: WACL's data portal.

COZI data portal - live air quality data feed from the COZI laboratory

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Jenny Hudson-Bell
WACL Research Administrator
+44 (0)1904 322609
Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories, Department of Chemistry, University of York, Heslington, York  YO10 5DD, United Kingdom.