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Our researchers regularly appear on TV, radio and give lectures to research societies and institutions. 

These are a selection of our news items and media appearances:

Stove in a lab - scientists measure air pollution from domestic wood burners

Researchers have started a six-week study to measure airborne pollutant emissions from domestic wood burning stoves, using a dedicated laboratory-based test.

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The fight against indoor pollution

Professor Alastair Lewis explains the dangers of indoor pollution in his interview with The Naked Scientists.

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Changing sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Professor Ally Lewis discusses changes in the sources of VOCs at a Royal Society research meeting.

Do low emissions zones work?

A BBC Radio 4 interview with Professor Ally Lewis.

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Ever thought about emissions from household products indoors?

A short film collaboration between Professor Ally Lewis and Aardman Animations, voiced by Marcus Brigstocke.

The effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on UK air pollution

A presentation to the Royal Meteorological Society, Yorkshire, by Professor James Lee.

What on Earth is happening to our atmosphere?

Professor Lucy Carpenter’s 2015 Rosalind Franklin Award Lecture.

Should we still be worried about the ozone layer?

Professor Lucy Carpenter’s BBC podcast.

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How has one year of lockdown changed our environment in the UK and around the world?

A BBC Radio 4 interview with Professor Ally Lewis.

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How effective are air purifiers?

Professor Ally Lewis joins Greg Foot to discuss the effectiveness of air purifiers.

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