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Doctoral Training in Chemistry at York

All new research students studying Chemistry at York participate in the innovative Doctoral Training in Chemistry (iDTC) programme.  Additionally, the Department is a partner in a number of Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Networks. Details of the different schemes are outlined below.

PhD projects

Links to DTPs

Partner DTPs and networks


A partnership in Environmental Research between the Universities of Leeds and York, designed to equip the next generation of environmental scientists with the skills necessary to understand the complex interactions with the Earth system.


This parntership between the Universities of Sheffield, York and Liverpool includes the York departments of Biology, Chemistry, Environment and Geography, and Archaeology. It addresses key research themes of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) on global and sustainable environments.

BBSRC White Rose - Mechanistic Biology

The White Rose studentships intiative was set up inn 1997 to encourage collaborations between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. The DTP in Mechanistic Biology brings together researcher in a number of departments and centres. PhD student in Chemistry on this scheme will be enrolled on a PhD in Biological Chemistry.

EPSRC Mobility DTP

This is a pilot programme aimed at widening participation in doctoral training, specifically those from industry and other non-academic backgrounds.


The Discover Medicine North partnership aimes to train the next generation of researchers to tackle the major health problems facing the population. This partnership includes the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

PhD Biomedical Science

This programme spans a wide variety of disciplines in the life and physical sciences. Biomedical research employs cross-disciplinary approaches with the overall aim to understand and treat disease.