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Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis: quantifying health equity impacts and trade-offs

Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis aims to help healthcare and public health organizations make fairer decisions with better outcomes. It provides information about equity in the distribution of costs and effects — who gains, who loses, and by how much. It can also analyse the trade-offs that sometimes occur between equity and efficiency.

This is a practical guide to methods for quantifying the equity impacts of health programmes in high, middle, and low-income countries. The methods can be tailored to analyse different equity concerns in different decision making contexts. The handbook provides both hands-on training for postgraduate students and analysts and an accessible guide for academics, practitioners, managers, policymakers, and stakeholders.
Part I is an introduction and overview for research commissioners, users, and producers. Parts II and III provide step-by-step guidance on how to simulate and evaluate distributions, with accompanying spreadsheet training exercises. Part IV concludes with discussions about how to handle uncertainty about facts and disagreement about values, and the future challenges facing this growing field.
Accompanying spreadsheet training exercises are downloadable for free here.
The definitive guide to equity methods in health economic evaluation - a landmark in the field. Michael Drummond, Professor of Health Economics, University of York, UK
A thorough and accessible overview; the introductory chapters should be part of any graduate-level course on health economic evaluation. Milton Weinstein, Research Professor of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University, USA

Essential reading for analysts in countries aiming at Universal Health Coverage - a major contribution to making equity count in priority-setting. Tessa-Tan-Torres Edejer, Coordinator, Economic Analysis and Evaluation, World Health Organization, Switzerland


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Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis: quantifying health equity impacts and trade-offs

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