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Decision modelling for health economic evaluation

In financially constrained health systems across the world, increasing emphasis is being placed on the ability to demonstrate that health care interventions are not only effective, but also cost-effective.  This book deals with decision modelling techniques that can be used to estimate the value for money of various interventions including medical devices, surgical procedures, diagnostic technologies, and pharmaceuticals.  Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the appropriate representation of uncertainty in the evaluative process and the implication this uncertainty has for decision making and the need for future research.

This highly practical guide takes the reader through the key principles and approaches of modelling techniques. It begins with the basics of constructing different forms of the model, the population of the model with input parameter estimates, analysis of the results, and progression to the holistic view of models as a valuable tool for informing future research exercises.  Case studies and exercises are supported with online templates and solutions.


  • Introduction
  • Key aspects of decision modelling for economic evaluation
  • Further developments in decision analytic models for economic evaluation
  • Making decision models probabilistic
  • Analysing and presenting simulation output from probabilistic models
  • Decision-making, uncertainty and the value of information
  • Efficient research design
  • Future challenges for cost-effectiveness modelling of health care interventions

Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation

Decision modelling for health economic evaluation

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