Genomics and Bioinformatics Courses


Python Programming Courses 

Introduction to Python Programming 13-14 August 2019

Advanced Python Programming 15-16 August 2019

Python is probably the most popular programming language for analysing biological data.  These courses are suitable for everyone.

Gene Expression Technologies

24-26 September 2019

An introduction to moderm technologies for measuring gene expression, including qPCR and RNA-seq.  As well and discussing the uses of each techniques, we also cover the mothods used to analyse each type of data.

Bioinformatics for Biologists

tbc Nov 2019

A course that covers the most common bioinformatics tasks, such as database searching, sequence alignment and phylogenetics reconstruction using a range of the most commonly used tools.

For more details about any fo the above courses, contact Peter Ashton by e-mail or in person.