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Staff parking

While we understand the need for some people to drive to and park at the University, we encourage staff, students and visitors to consider other means of transport where possible, to help make our campus, and your journey, more sustainable.

Staff who want to park on campus will require a valid parking permit or pay and display ticket.

How to apply for a staff permit

1. Decide on which permit type you need by using the table below.

2. Log into the online parking permit system. You’ll need to sign in and create an account, from there you’ll be able to apply for and amend your staff parking permit.

3. View car park locations on the staff parking google map.

Map key
A staff parking permit icon Standard, hanger and part-week permits
A periphery parking permit icon Periphery parking permit

If you're a temporary staff member or an invigilator, you cannot apply for a full staff permit but you can apply for the Flexible Use Vouchers. 

Log in to the parking permit system

Which permit do I need?

There are several different types of permit, depending on the type of parking you require. Please read the information below to make sure you choose the one that’s best for you.

Permit Suitable for Price
Standard Full and part-time staff who need year-round on campus parking. 0.6% of salary (capped at £400 per annum).
Accessible Blue badge holders or those with accessibility needs. Free of charge.
Part-week Full and part-time salaried staff who only park on specified days during the week eg those who work 5 days a week but only need to park for 3 of those days and the days do not change.  Up to 0.6% of salary pro-rated for the number of days worked per week and the number of days parking required. 
Flexible part-week Staff who want to park flexibly up to 4 days per week (no commitment to days, monthly allocation of parking sessions that can be used at any time during the month). Up to 0.6% salary deduction. Pro rata rated for the number of days worked per week and the number of days parking required.
Periphery Staff who work near the outer edges of campus, or don’t mind walking. £40 per year. Additional 10 day permits can be purchased for use in any staff or visitors car park at a cost of £1 each.
Motorcycle Staff that ride motorcycles. Free of charge.
Flexible use voucher Staff who only park occasionally. Up to 100 days per parking year (April-March). First 10 permits: £10. Additional multiples of 10: £15.
King's Manor out of hours Staff wanting to park at King’s Manor on weekends or between 6pm and 8am. £100 per year.

What if I need to use a hire car?

If you’re a permit holder and have a hire car while your usual car is in the garage, you can add the hire vehicle’s registration to your account and select it as the active vehicle. You will need to remember to switch the active vehicle back when done. Login to your account, go to my permits and the green vehicle icon. The active vehicle will be marked with a green tick.